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Do This

When Jesus said at the Last Supper, ‘Do this in memory of me,’ the this he meant was the table.” - Leonard Sweet, From Tablet to Table

The Gospel according to Luke makes it abundantly clear that Jesus loved gathering at the table and sharing good food and drink with others -- with no regard for the borders that others would place around the table. He loved sharing meals with anyone and all. So much so that he was known for - and in - the breaking of bread and sharing of the cup. He still is. Or can be.

“Meals create space for people to build connections between the kingdom of God and our individual stories.” So writes my friend and colleague, Greg Mamula, in his soon to be published book about table fellowship. And in those connections? Jesus is known.

During these, the final months of 2019, I invite you to join with me in knowing Jesus in bread broken and shared. Set the table. Share meals. Give thanks. Tell stories. Listen to stories told. Be gracious. Be generous. How?

- Participate in a Family Table Group. In these groups, 6-8 folks will meet 3-4 times to eat together, listen to scripture and each other, and share communion. In the process, I know - by experience - Jesus will be recognized and known.

- As you make plans for daily meals and holiday feasting, set another place or two or three at the table and extend invitations to those the Spirit brings to mind.

- Carve out the time and space to meet up with others for a bite or a beverage.

- Get creative. Be curious. Be courageous in the practice of the Do This life.

In the Boundless Grace of God Revealed in Jesus, Pastor Jeff

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