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Return to Worship
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Return to In-Person Worship

Week Before Worship

To make a reservation - Call Ronnie at the office between 9 am — 12:30 pm on Tuesday — Friday for reservations for the following Sunday.

Sunday — Before Worship

    Doors open at 10:40am.

    Entrance will be at the double door entrance to the gathering space (these doors are for entering only).

    While waiting to enter, please make sure that you are standing 6 feet apart and you are correctly wearing a protective mask or face shield.

    After entering you will need to go through the following stations.

Station #1 — Check in. We will make sure that you are on the reservation list and check off your name as you enter.

Station #2 — Your temperature will be taken using a no contact thermometer. Those without a fever will move on to the next station. Those with a fever will need to leave.

Station #3 — Hand Sanitizer. Everyone entering the sanctuary will need to sanitize their hands.

Station #4 — Drop off your offering in the box/basket provided. o Station #5 — You will be handed a bulletin.


As you enter the sanctuary you will be greeted by an usher and then escorted to your assigned seat(s). You will need to remain in your seats until worship is over.

On Communion Sundays this is when you will be given the communion elements.

Sunday — After Worship


Please remain seated after the postlude has concluded. An usher will excuse you by section to exit via the exit doors by Ruth or by the organ.


Due to health issues Ruth and Sam will exit the building first. Although Ruth has a barrier, please remember to stay 6 feet away.


If you do not want to keep your bulletin, please leave it on your chair and someone will recycle it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

May I bring a guest to church with me?

Due to limited seating, only those that are accounted for by a reservation will be able to attend.

Is there any way to add someone to the reservation at the last minute?

If there is someone you would like to add to your reservation at the last minute, you can call Angie Werder or Kelly Roberts between 10am and 10:30am on Sunday morning, We will check the reservation list and let you know if we have any available seats. We will be unable to answer or check our phones after 10:30am.

May I use the restroom during worship service?

Yes! With the following guidelines.

Exit sanctuary to the right of the station tables in the gathering area.

Take a # from the restroom door, each stall with have a corresponding #, please use that stall.

After washing your hands, please leave # in the basket provided.

Before re-entering sanctuary, please re-sanitize hands.

We encourage you to go to the bathroom BEFORE coming to church.

Will we have fellowship time with cookies and coffee?

Not at this time.


Once we have taken our seats, are we allowed to walk around and visit?

In our efforts to adhere to social distancing guidelines, please limit visiting by staying in your seats and visiting with just those seated around you.

Once service is over, you have been dismissed and you are outside the building you are welcome to visit as you wish. As you are visiting please continue to wear a face covering and maintain a 6 feet distance.

Will we be singing?

Not at this time. We will be able to enjoy Ruth providing music for us. You are free to stand and worship God as you feel led.


Will online worship still be available?

Yes! Due to limited seating for in person worship, online worship will still be offered in the same manner on Facebook live.

Will in person worship be the same as before the COVID 19 shut down?

With the equipment required to continue online worship, things will be set up differently. While you will be able to see and hear Sam, online technology equipment will be visible.


Can we bring our children?

Yes, please bring your children. They are always welcome. All children will need to sit with their parents during worship. Children will also be required to wear masks.

Parents and children will be unable to use the cry room, nursery and pray ground.


Will there be children's story?

Yes, there will still be a children's story each Sunday. We are still working out the logistics of how it will look.


Will we take communion while we are socially distancing?

Yes. We were able to get pre-packaged elements for communion. These will be given out as you are escorted to your seats.

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